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Fall Hiking By Region.

Fall is a fantastic time to go hiking in New Hampshire. With its picturesque landscapes and vibrant colors, the state offers a variety of trails that showcase the beauty of the season. Here are some popular options for fall hiking in New Hampshire:

1. Franconia Ridge Loop: This challenging hike offers stunning views of the White Mountains and is especially breathtaking in the fall. The loop covers around 9 miles and includes both the Franconia Ridge Trail and the Falling Waters Trail.

2. Mount Monadnock: Known as one of the most climbed mountains in the world, Mount Monadnock offers a variety of trails for hikers of all levels. The exposed summit provides panoramic views of the colorful fall foliage.

3. Kancamagus Highway: This scenic drive through the White Mountains is also home to numerous hiking trails. The trailheads located along the highway offer various options, including the popular Sabbaday Falls Trail and the scenic Rocky Gorge.

4. Mount Washington: Although it is the highest peak in the Northeast and notorious for unpredictable weather, Mount Washington rewards hikers with incredible views of the surrounding mountains during the fall. The Tuckerman Ravine Trail and the Lion Head Trail are popular choices.

5. White Mountains National Forest: This vast forested area provides numerous opportunities for fall hiking. The Appalachian Trail passes through the park, offering hikers a chance to experience the autumn colors up close.

Remember, it is essential to be prepared when hiking in New Hampshire during the fall, as weather conditions can change rapidly. Make sure to bring appropriate clothing, plenty of water, and a map or guidebook. Additionally, check trail conditions and consult with park rangers or local hiking groups for the most up-to-date information.

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