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New Hampshire's Covered Bridges.

This is a list of New Hampshire covered bridges, old, new, and restored. There are fifty-five historic wooden currently standing in the state of New Hampshire The Chester Covered Bridge is the newest official bridge, #55

Swift River Covered Bridge

New Hampshire’s Covered Bridges.

This is a list of New Hampshire covered bridges, old, new, and restored. There are fifty-five historic wooden currently standing in the state of New Hampshire The Chester Covered Bridge is the newest official bridge, #55

Standing covered bridges

The list is sortable. Click on any title to sort by Location, Year, Waterbody, and so on. Some bridges go by two or more names; this list uses the name posted on the bridge.
Name Location Waterbody Year built NH # Notes
Allen Hollis Bridge Woodstock Lost River 1981 Foot traffic only.
Ashuelot Covered Bridge Ashuelot Ashuelot River 1864 1 Also called Village Bridge or Village Station Bridge.
Bacon Bridge Pittsburg Connecticut River 1876 34 State calls it the Pittsburg-Clarksville Covered Bridge. Beside a rushing rapids. Leads to a footpath to a meadow. Sign: “Bypass / Historic.” Foot traffic only.
Bartlett Bridge Bartlett Saco River 1790 50 Contains the Covered Bridge Gift Shoppe. Foot traffic only.
Bath Covered Bridge Bath Ammonoosuc River 1832 28 Car and foot traffic.
Bement Covered Bridge Bradford West Branch Warner River 1854 14 Car traffic only.
Blacksmith Shop Bridge Cornish Mill Brook 1881 21 Foot traffic only.
Blair Bridge Campton Pemigewasset River 1869 41 Overhead sign: “Five dollars fine for riding or driving on this bridge faster than a walk.” Car traffic only.
Blow-Me-Down Covered Bridge Cornish Blow-me-down Brook 1877 23 Car traffic only.
Bog Bridge Andover Pleasant Brook 1887 16 Also called Cilleyville Bridge. Car traffic only.
Brundage Bridge Grafton Mill Brook 1957 Rural. Foot traffic only.
Bump Covered Bridge Campton Beebe River 1972 43 Car traffic only.
Carleton Bridge Swanzey South Branch Ashuelot River 1789 a. 7 Car traffic only.
Chester Covered Bridge Chester Wason Brook 2011 Also called Wason Pond Covered Bridge. Built by the Timber Framers Guild and volunteers. Foot traffic only.
Chocorua Ski and Beach Bridge Tamworth Chocorua River 1992 Car traffic only.
Clark’s Bridge North Woodstock Pemigewasset River 1904 64 Part of the Clark’s Trading Post compound. Railroad traffic only.
Cold River Bridge Langdon Cold River 1869 18 Also called McDermott Bridge. Foot traffic only.
Columbia Bridge Columbia Connecticut River 1911 33 Car traffic only.
Contoocook Railroad Bridge Contoocook Contoocook River 1849-50 10 Also called Hopkinton Railroad Covered Bridge. The state lists it simply as “Railroad Bridge”. Oldest covered railroad bridge in the USA.
Coombs Covered Bridge Winchester Ashuelot River 1837 2 Car traffic only.
Corbin Covered Bridge Newport North Branch Sugar River 1845 a. 17 Car traffic only.
Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge Cornish, New Hampshire and Windsor, Vermont Connecticut River 1866 20 Longest wooden covered bridge in the United States. Car traffic only.
Dalton Covered Bridge Warner Warner River 1853 a. 12 Car traffic only.
Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge Cornish Mill Brook 1882 22 Car traffic only.
Durgin Bridge Sandwich Cold River 1869 45 Car traffic only.
Edgell Bridge Lyme Clay Brook 1885 25 Car traffic only.
Flume Covered Bridge Lincoln Pemigewasset River 1871 39 Car traffic only.
Friendship Bridge Wentworth Baker River 1962; 2016 Constructed 1962 as Goffe’s Mill Covered Bridge in Bedford.[13] Reconstructed in Wentworth in 2016. Named the Friendship Bridge by the Friends of Wentworth Parks and Recreation non-profit, owners of the bridge. Foot traffic only.
Groveton Bridge Groveton Upper Ammonoosuc River 1852 32 No name plate. Has picnic tables inside. Sign: “Welcome to North Country ATV Trail System.” Foot and ATV traffic only.
Hancock-Greenfield Bridge Hancock and Greenfield Contoocook River 1937 8 Also called County Bridge. Car traffic only.
Happy Corner Bridge Pittsburg Perry Stream 1850s? 35 Decorated with Christmas lights. Posted “Fishermen: Fly Fishing Only” with rules. Car and foot traffic.
Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge Bath Ammonoosuc River 1827 27 The state lists it as the Bath-Haverhill Bridge. Spans a rushing spillway. Foot traffic only.
Henniker / New England College Henniker Contoocook River 1972 63 At New England College. Foot traffic only.
Honeymoon Bridge Jackson Ellis River 1876 a. 51 Car and foot traffic.
HoodKroft Bridge Derry Beaver Brook 1980s Part of the HoodKroft Country Club. Golf cart and foot traffic only.
Jack O Lantern Bridge Woodstock Pond 1987 Part of the Jack O Lantern Resort and Golf Course.
Keniston Bridge Andover Blackwater River 1882 15 Car traffic only.
Little Red Bridge Candia 1961 Part of Candia Woods Golf Links. Golf cart and foot traffic only.
Mechanic Street Bridge Lancaster Israel River 1862 31 No name plate. Also called Israels River Bridge. Sign: “Built Lancaster, N.H. 1862”. Rebuilt 2006. Car traffic only.
Melendy Pond Bridge Hudson First Brook 1982 Foot traffic only.
Meriden Bridge Plainfield Bloods Brook 1880 24 Also called Mill Bridge. Car traffic only.
Mount Orne Covered Bridge Lancaster Connecticut River 1911 / 1983 30 No name plate. Sign “1911 1983”. 266′ feet long. Connects Lancaster, NH and Lunenberg, VT. Car traffic only.
Nepalese Bridge Randolph Mossy Glen Waterfalls 1968 Foot traffic only.
Nissitissit Foot Bridge Brookline Nissitissit River 1978 Foot traffic only.
Packard Hill Bridge Lebanon Mascoma River 1991 67 Car and foot traffic.
Pier Bridge Newport Sugar River 1907 57 Also called Chandler Station Bridge. Car traffic only.
Prentiss Bridge Langdon Great Brook 1791 19 Smallest covered bridge in New Hampshire. Car traffic only.
River Road Bridge Pittsburg Perry Stream 1858 36 Shifted off its roadbed to one side. Needs repair. Foot traffic only.
Riverwalk Bridge Littleton Ammonoosuc River 2004 Long footbridge connecting downtown and a park with weekly Farmer’s Market. Plaque: “Built by the town of Littleton, N.H.” Foot traffic only.
Rowell’s Covered Bridge West Hopkinton Contoocook River 1853 9 Car traffic only.
Royal Crest Covered Bridge Nashua Spit Brook 1970 Part of Royal Crest Estates Apartments. Foot traffic only.
Saco River Bridge Conway Saco River 1890 48 Car and foot traffic.
Sawyers Crossing Covered Bridge Swanzey Ashuelot River 1859 6 Replaced an earlier bridge built in 1771. Car traffic only.
Sentinel Pine Bridge Lincoln Pemigewasset River 1939 38 In Franconia Notch State Park at Flume Gorge. Foot traffic only.
Slate Covered Bridge Swanzey Ashuelot River 1862 4 Destroyed by fire in 1993, rebuilt in 2001.
Smith Millennium Bridge Plymouth Baker River 2001 44 Third bridge built on the site. “The strongest covered bridge in the world.” Car and foot traffic.
Squam River Bridge Ashland Squam River 1990 65 Car and foot traffic.
Stowell Road Covered Bridge Merrimack Baboosic Brook 1990 Car traffic only.
Stark Covered Bridge Stark Upper Ammonoosuc River 1857 or 1862 37 Beautiful bridge decorated with pendant acorn finials and painted bright white. No name plate. In the center of town. Car and foot traffic.
Sulphite Railroad Bridge Franklin Winnipesaukee River 1896 62 Only remaining deck-covered railroad bridge in the USA. Also called the “Upside Down Bridge” because the railroad ran over the top, now discontinued. Damaged by arson in 1980. No access.
Swift River Bridge Conway Swift River 1869 47 Foot traffic only.
Swiftwater Covered Bridge Bath Wild Ammonoosuc River 1849 29 Car traffic only.
Teixeira Park Bridge Peterborough Nubanusit Brook 1965 In Teixeira Park.
Turkey Jim’s Bridge Campton West Branch Brook 1883 42 Restored in 1958, washed out in 1964, restored in 2013. Inside the Branch Brook Campground. Foot traffic only.
Waterloo Covered Bridge Warner Warner River 1840 13 Car traffic only.
Wentworth Golf Club Jackson Ellis River 1991 Part of the Wentworth Golf Club course. Golf cart and foot traffic only.
West Swanzey Covered Bridge Swanzey Ashuelot River 1832 5 Also called Thompson Bridge. Car and foot traffic.
White Mountain National Forest Bridge Albany Swift River 1858 49 Also called Albany Bridge. Built in 1857, destroyed by windstorm in 1858, rebuilt in 1858. Car and foot traffic.
Whittier Bridge Ossipee Bearcamp River 1870s 46 Parked on the road and being restored as of summer 2017. No access.
Wright’s Bridge Newport Sugar River 1906 58 Car traffic only.
Yankee Barn Bridge Grantham Eastman Pond 1982 Part of the Eastman Community Association, not accessible to general public. Foot traffic only.