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A list of waterfalls in the Great Northern Woods of New Hampshire.

WARNING: Waterfalls can be dangerous! The rocks are almost always slippery, even when dry because the rushing water has made them very smooth, rocks can also be loose and the environment changes constantly.

Appalachia Falls

Randolph, New Hampshire 03593
Appalachia Falls is a 1.5 mile hike with 185′ elevation gain from the trailhead.
Directions to Appalachia Falls Trailhead: On Rt. 2 at the Appalachia Parking Area. Take the Valley Way Loop Trail.

Beaver Brook Falls Colebrook NH

Rt. 145 Colebrook, New Hampshire 03576
Beaver Brook Falls in Colebrook New Hampshire is a 110′ high waterfall located on Rt. 145 (Park St) in Colebrook NH which is off of Rt. 3 (Daniel Webster Highway) in Colebrook. Follow the “Beaver Brook Falls Wayside” signs.
Beaver Brook Falls is located right near the road side with a gravel parking area.

Crystal Falls Stark NH

Dewey Hill Rd.
Stark, New Hampshire 03582
Crystal Falls is located in Stark NH and offers a 50 foot total waterfall drop. Its roadside location is perfect for those who are not into hiking to a waterfall.
Directions to Crystal Falls: Take Rt. 110 to Paris Rd, left onto Dewey Rd in Stark, New Hampshire. Park on the right side, Crystal Falls is near the parking area.

Dixville Flume Dixville NH

Rt. 26 (Dixville Notch)
Dixville, New Hampshire 03576
Dixville Flume is located in Dixville NH and offers a 20 foot total waterfall drop within a small, narrow gorge.
The hike to Dixville Flume is short and easy at just 1/10 of a mile within Dixville Notch State Park in Dixville, NH.
Dixville Flume is along the Flume Brook in Dixville Notch. Take Rt. 26 to Dixville Notch State Park. See the map below for the location of Dixville Flume.

Dryad and Giant Waterfalls Success NH

North Rd.
Shelburne, New Hampshire 03581
Dryad Falls and Giant Falls are located in Success NH. Dryad Falls offers a dramatic 300 foot total drop.
Directions to Dryad Falls: Take Millbrook Rd to Austin Brook Trail.
Directions to Giant Falls: The parking area is located on North Rd. in Shelburne, NH at the Austin Millbrook bridge. Trail is near the parking area. Follow the Peabody Brook Trail to Giant Falls.

Garfield Falls Pittsburg NH

Garfield Falls Rd
Pittsburg, New Hampshire 03592
Garfield Falls is located in Pittsburg NH along the East Branch Dead Diamond River. Garfield Falls offers a 60 foot total drop over 3 tiers.
Garfield Falls Directions: Take Garfield Falls Rd in Pittsburg New Hampshire and park as far off the road as possible.
This is a logging road and Garfield Falls may actually be located on private property. Please be sure to get permission from the landowner to avoid any legal issues.

Pond Brook Falls Stratford NH

Nash Stream Rd
Stratford, New Hampshire 03590
Pond Brook Falls in Stratford NH has a total waterfall drop of 100′ which is broken up into smaller cascades.
Pond Brook Falls in Stratford NH can be accessed by taking Rt. 110 to Emerson Rd. Follow Emerson Rd. Take a right at the”T” intersection onto Northside Rd. Drive approx. .6 miles, take a left onto Nash Stream Rd. Drive about 5 miles. Park near Pond Brook (just over a small, narrow bridge). There is a noticeable parking area on the side of the road. Take the trail that follows Pond Brook, about .1 mile to the falls.