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pink boots society

Few have escaped the catchy song, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” but did you know that in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire, there’s a group that is putting boots on the ground in the growing brewing industry? 

The Pink Boots Society is a global non-profit that takes powerful strides by assisting, inspiring, and encouraging women and non-binary individuals that are making their mark in the fermented and alcoholic beverage industry via education. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the New Hampshire chapter creator and co-owner of One Love Brewery, Jennifer Snyder.

one love brewery

The Beginning

Jennifer’s initial brewing adventure began with her husband. “My husband has been a professional brewer for over 20 years, he lured me in. You know what they say, ‘a family that brews together stays together’ – it’s a family affair,” she said. 

While she was brewing before Pink Boots, Jennifer was first introduced to The Society by Teri Fahrendorf, the original founder of the non-profit

Of Teri and Pink Boots she said, “Her energy just lights up a room. I met her at the BA Conference in Denver, where a Pink Boots Meeting took place. That was my first Pink Boots Meeting. Women from all over the world were there. It was so inspirational, as we are a mostly male-dominated industry.”

pink boots society

Events with The Society

The Pink Boots Society holds group events that welcome others to participate. “When we brew on International Women’s Day it typically begins in New Zealand and follows the sun around the world with women brewing. 

“We are inclusive, anyone can brew with us that day. It’s just a really fun community event. Every pint of the Pink Boots Brew is a donation and is given to the Society,” said Jennifer. 

Jennifer feels that the awareness her Society work raises is her greatest achievement to date. She said, “The Society raises money for education and training for women all over the world. To be able to advocate for women in our industry is extremely rewarding.”

And Jennifer isn’t alone in the White Mountains area when it comes to Pink Boots work. Other members include Woodstock Inn Brewery’s General Manager, Molly Rice Norby and Twin Barns Brewing’s General Manager, Alisha Wendelboe. 

pink boots society

Women-led Brewing 

As a woman, Jennifer appreciates the opportunity to brew and the time in which she is brewing. “We are entering an exciting era in brewing where more women are moving into the art of brewing. As our industry is becoming less of a ‘boys club’ – which is refreshing. 

Many breweries have traditionally advertised beer by objectifying women. That is being cleaned up a lot. I am proud to be a part of this time in our industry. Women are deemed to be the drivers in consumer decisions – it’s great that marketing is becoming more about the beer than pretty girls,” she said.  

As an example of how the industry is changing, Jennifer cited a recent Miller Lite initiative. They’re actually buying back their past outdated advertising and using it to create the forward-facing future of female brewing.

one love brewery

Advice to Others

Jennifer is passionate about pulling in more female-identifing brewers. She knows the value of continued inclusion. 

‘We need more people like you who are naturally curious about the evolution of the brewing industry. Brewing is as ancient as history and with today’s brewing techniques combined with consumer-driven passion, it’s evolving even faster than ever,” she said. 

A positive force to be reckoned with, Jennifer challenges others to step up and make the most of their lives and careers. “Don’t let anyone hold you back, it’s a great career path and industry. We literally have the best people in our industry – how can you be unhappy when you get to create beer?” she said.

pink boots society

A Day in the Life 

While her work with The Society itself is important, Jennifer is a busy brewer every day. “As co-owner of One Love – there are many many hats (oh so many) to wear every day. I can be found anywhere from the brewery, to working in the kitchen, to greeting guests. I love being able to work in all aspects of the daily operations,” she said. 

That busyness is only matched by the popularity and variety of her beers. While One Love started their brewery with a beer called Dunkle, it’s their Helles that keeps her customers coming back thirsty.

Pro Tip! One Love Brewery specializes in creative pub food alongside beer. Jennifer loves to pair an IPA with the firecracker nachos. We highly recommend giving them a try when you visit. 

one love brewery

Crafting Something Special

It’s the grind and sharing that make brewing special for Jennifer. “It’s extremely rewarding to be able to make beer. For sure it’s hard work but to be able to share a beer with friends that we made is incredible. Many bigger breweries are all automated at this point. Being a small craft brewery we still get to roll up our sleeves and get a little sweaty brewing,” she said. 

And the connections she’s made keep inspiring her to do better and better. “I love connecting with our guests and community. I love the creativity of the industry and the fast pace. I also adore my peers, they are for the most part the kindest down-to-earth humans you will ever find,” she said.

Fun Fact! Naming beer at One Love Brewery is a fun process. They use a lot of local references and avoid taking themselves too seriously. “Some beers are named after beats like ‘Untz, Untz, Untz’ ( think German disco beat), and ‘Rue La La is named after one of our pups.’ ‘Al’s Still Here’ is named after my Dad who helped us start the brewery and passed away soon after,” said Jennifer.

one love brewery

Visiting One Love Brewery

One Love Brewery is certainly about incredible beer and tasty food, but they also have musical entertainment with many varied styles. Likely ones you haven’t heard! “Most of our musicians are very local. A few years back we had a ‘Bones Band.’ Yep – they played percussion with real bones!” said Jennifer. 

The brewery is located at 25 South Mountain Drive in Lincoln, New Hampshire. We hope you’ll stop by for a beer, food, and fun while you’re in the White Mountains!