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With over 80 years of excellence, Polly’s Pancake Parlor has become the premier place to find light, fluffy pancakes and other incredible, local foods. 

A Brief History

The settlement of the land where Polly’s is situated dates back to the 1800’s. Brigham Hildreth was its first owner and he named it Hildreth Farm. It was run as such until Brigham’s son and daughter-in-law had a daughter named Lucy who married a man named Wilfred “Sugar Bill” Dexter. At that point, it became Hildex Farm, which combined their two last names. Later on, Lucy passed away and Wilfred (who has since made maple into one of the main farm crops) remarried and the two had a daughter; Pauline “Polly” Taylor. Polly of Polly’s Pancake Parlor!

The Polly’s we know and love officially came into being in 1938 amid the Great Depression when the twice-named farm began to partially market itself as a tearoom and pancake destination. It was a rousing success! 

Polly’s has always been run by the same family. Over the years even after its namesake passed away, an expanded menu, a longer season, the addition of pancake mix production, and many other developments would occur due to the ingenuity of many family members, but the charm and spirit of Polly’s has never waned. In fact, it’s stronger than ever, and it’s clear to guests each time they visit. 


The Decor

You’ll feel like family at Polly’s and that is largely due to their interior design choices. Adorned with antique tools, ancestral portraits, and Civil War relics, the space is essentially a modest family museum that guests can actually step inside and experience for themselves!

And we wouldn’t want to forget about the famous Trot Trot! Visitors love to get a photo with the beloved mascot. The hand-painted horse sculpture sits outside the restaurant during the warmer months. What’s the story behind Trot Trot, you ask?

“My father had a very old children’s book called ‘The Little Red Horse’ which he enjoyed as a child and then we did as children. When his first grandchild arrived he decided to carve a version of the horse that could be enjoyed by all the children that visit Polly’s every year. Trot Trot I was born in 1988 and lived until 1991 when he developed terminal dry rot. Roger built Trot Trot II in 1992 and he survives to this day. Trot Trot I and II are based on the Swedish Dala horses.”


Pancake and Waffle Flavors and Combinations

When it comes to flavors, you won’t be left wanting at Polly’s! Choose from Buckwheat, Cornmeal, Oatmeal Buttermilk, Gingerbread, and Whole Wheat. But it doesn’t stop there. You can add to your already scrumptious pancakes or waffles! Additions include blueberries, walnuts, coconut, or chocolate chips!

And for those who want to try something extra unique, they have daily specials like Carrot Cake or Lemon Poppyseed … yum!

And once your order arrives, you can thank your server for quite literally flipping your pancakes! In addition to providing wonderful service, the amazing waitstaff takes on the task of making your pancakes for you! 


Other Deliciousness

Polly’s is certainly about pancakes, but that’s far from all they have to offer. They also serve country-style patty sausage, North Country Smokehouse smoked bacon and ham, sandwiches on homemade breads, English muffins, and so much more. 

One fan favorite is their quiche that they make with local cheese from Harman’s Cheese & Country Store.


Polly’s wants every diner to be as comfortable and safe as possible when enjoying their food, so they make a strong effort to cater to as many allergy concerns as possible. They have precautions/options in place for several food allergies. And if your concern isn’t addressed by an existing procedure, you can email them


Local Gifts

Once you’ve happily filled your belly, you won’t be able to leave without a visit to their gift shop of local treasures and souvenirs. You’ll find a wide variety of gifts ranging from maple candies, postcards, apparel, ornaments, stickers, and much more! It’s the perfect spot to grab some gifts for your loved ones.

Top Reasons to Choose Polly’s Pancake Parlor

  1. Pancakes made from scratch 
  2. Fuller’s maple syrup atop the pancakes
  3. You can take their pancake mix home with you
  4. The use of many stone ground flours 
  5. They produce both maple sugar and maple spread
  6. Unique wedding favors 
  7. A great view of the New Hampshire countryside
  8. Wonderful coffee made with fresh mountain water
  9. Great recipes to enjoy and share 
  10. A high percentage of repeat customers


The Reviews Say it All

But don’t take our word for it, Polly’s has a strong reputation. 

“Love the quality and flavor of the food. And the servers are as unique as the pancakes that they make. It is a wonderful experience in one of the most beautiful places on the earth.”Philip D., November 2023

“I wish I could rate this higher! I’ve been to many pancake restaurants and they all taste the same, not Polly’s! The potato cakes were amazing! Sausage hand patties and pancakes had so much flavor!”Katie C., October 2023

“Outstanding food! When we arrived we were told an hour wait but only was about 30 minutes. We both had blueberry pancake combo. Everything was delicious.”795rutha, September 2023

“I love Polly’s Pancake Parlor! The breakfast there is Great! I tend to sit at the bar. I like the atmosphere and the servers are great! The maple pepper on your eggs is good!” y0da1974, July 2023

Visit Polly’s Pancake Parlor

Address: 672 Sugar Hill Road, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire 

Phone: 603-823-5575


We just know you’ll love your visit to Polly’s Pancake Parlor.

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