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BoblordOn Wed. July 26 at 10 a.m., the first U.S. Congressional hearings on UAP (or UFOs if you’re old-school) will take place with three “whistleblowers” answering questions, under oath, about the out-of-this-world weirdness that apparently has been going on since Roswell in 1947 (or is it since 1933 when Benito Mussolini got his hands on a crashed flying saucer?).

If any of this is news to you, you’ve got some catching up to do and it could be a jarring experience, depending on how convincing the witnesses are. Also, since Congressional hearings tend to be rich in informational content but lacking in aesthetic charm, you might just want to provide a little background music to the proceedings so there’s a bit of melody and rhythm behind the probing and argumentation.

Fortunately, here in the state that brought us The Incident at Exeter and the Interrupted Journey of Betty and Barney Hill (soon to be a major motion picture produced by Barack and Michelle Obama), we have a corner on the intergalactic muse in the form of Bob Lord, musical composer, bassist and executive producer of two Grammy Award-winning albums.

Among Lord’s many interests as a world-traveling producer is the UFO topic and, released today, is one of his favorite and most personal side-projects, a digital record album titled “The Six Observables.”

“I live in New Hampshire,” says Lord, “home to some of the weirdest sh*t around. We’ve got skee ball, we’ve got fry doe, we’ve got UFOs and we’ve definitely got plenty of non-human intelligence. But it has become increasingly clear to me that there’s an even greater and higher strangeness out there.”

In fact, Lord is friends with one of the three people testifying today, pilot Ryan Graves, while the other fighter pilot testifying about the potential threats to our airspace posed by UAP is Commander David Fravor, who also has a home on the New Hampshire seacoast.

So the Granite State has plenty of skin in the game (though no “skinwalkers” as far as we know) but be sure to have snacks and something to remain hydrated as the veil is lifted – maybe just an inch or two — and the new world we share with “non-human intelligence” begins to be exposed. And for ideal musical accompaniment, download Bob Lord’s carefully crafted soundtrack for the experience (after paying what you think is fair) from Bandcamp at the following link:

And be sure to read his liner notes on the Bandcamp page. They are an excellent intro to the revelations that may be about to be revealed.

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