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The Baldwin has now opened its doors and residents are moving in. In general, what type of person chooses The Baldwin?

The vision for The Baldwin has always been to create an innovative community with modern sensibilities for a new generation of older adults. Everything about our community is designed for freedom and choice. So, it’s no surprise that The Baldwin has attracted people who are taking a fresh approach to retirement and how they’ll live their next chapter.

Residents of The Baldwin are a vibrant, intelligent group of people who are very much engaged with life. They’re busy volunteering, mentoring, learning and exploring. A few are even still working in careers they love. They know that choosing The Baldwin not only gives them a solid plan for the future, but also frees their time to do more of what they enjoy now.

In a recent survey of people moving to The Baldwin, we learned they have a vast range of interests. That will feed into our robust lifelong learning program. They’re also on the move. In fact, 90 percent exercise two or more times a week and, with The Baldwin’s exceptional fitness amenities and perfect location for outdoor adventure, 90 percent plan to increase their activity after moving in. Every incoming resident said they enjoy walking outdoors, which makes our walkable location a big benefit. But they also enjoy biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and more. Life here really will be whatever you choose to make it.

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