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Fall Foliage Report.

Fall Foliage Report for October 24, 2023

Great North Woods: Past Peak
Trees in the northern part of the state have lost their luster as the once colorful leaves slowly abandon the treetops. Sparkling embers of color are all that remains of the fiery foliage that illuminated the region just a few weeks ago. If you’re in the area, you will be able to spot sites where the color has been preserved, but we are definitely past peak. As temperatures continue to drop and color abandons the landscapes, winter is whispering of its arrival.

White Mountains Region: Past Peak
For this late in the season, the White Mountains have an abundance of color still present in spots around the region. The most color is hanging on to the south in and around the Mount Washington Valley which appears to be experiencing a small second wave of foliage along late blooming trees. We also hear Waterville Valley is seeing pools of golden leaves still hanging on the treetops. The slopes of Attitash
Mountain are particularly dreamy with glowing orange leaves accenting the skeleton branches of bare trees nestled in the forest. Franconia Notch has been the victim of thieving winds, with barren trees starting to really spread across the area, and Crawford Notch is in similar shape but with stands of color persevering in the landscapes. If you’re looking for a scenic drive, Route 16 from Conway through Jackson may have late seasonal sights in store.

Lakes Region: Peak Foliage / Past Peak
In the Lakes Region, we are seeing the eruption of color spread slowly over the landscapes. Gunstock Mountain looks to be at its most colorful state through this week, so get out and see the sights while you can. The foliage surrounding Squam Lake continues to bolden, with colors growing richer as the season goes on. Leaf loss is beginning to strip the landscapes, but in the meantime the sights are still
worthwhile. Higher elevations such as Mount Major show off landscapes under a golden haze, and we hear there are good sights holding out in the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area. For a scenic driving route, travelling along Route 113 from Ashland through South Tamworth might offer scenic sights of the mosaic foliage.

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region: Peak / Past Peak
The Dartmouth / Lake Sunapee Region has put on a wonderful show of bright colors this year, and conditions are just beginning to wane. The colorful leaves that do remain are shades of glowy orange and sunny yellow, but leaf loss has begun to strip away many of the leaves around the region. Ragged Mountain is still under a patchwork of impressive color, and Mount Sunapee is in similar condition. This week may be a good opportunity to explore the Enfield Shaker Museum near Mascoma Lake to hunt for foliage in this scenic gem of an area.

Monadnock Region: Past Peak
Color in the Monadnock Region has begun to dull, leaving swaths of auburn, russet, and yellow along the landscapes. We are seeing that leaf loss is settling in to stay, stealing the show from the landscapes. But not all hope is lost. We hear there are sparks of color electrifying the landscapes through Peterborough, so make your plans now to head out and see the sights before we lose them. We hear of bright leaves
still decorating trees in and around Harrisville as well.

Merrimack Valley: Peak / Past Peak
We have seen more and more color arrive to the Merrimack Valley, and just as quickly as they arrived is how they are departing. Leaf loss across the region has stolen the chance for many of the trees to glow, but what color does remain in the region is beautiful. The color palette has been an interesting one, and the predominant colors are red and yellow, leaving a “ketchup and mustard” effect on the landscapes.
Travelling around the region will show off the foliage, so a scenic drive may be a good way to see the sights this week. We hear Route 101 through Raymond may be a good drive. If you’re looking to explore on foot, the colors in Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown are as lively as ever.

Seacoast: Peak Foliage
The foliage on New Hampshire’s seacoast has really begun to shine, with shades of golden, pumpkin orange, and pale red monopolizing the landscapes. The landscapes are in a haze of swirling fall colors, with leaves shimmering on the treetops and decorating the forest floor. Unfortunately, with the arrival of peak foliage we have also started to see leaf loss in the region. But fear not, there are plenty of sights left
to behold on the coast! The ride along Route 4 from Northwood through Durham is brimming with bold colors. If you’re looking for a spooky activity to see the sights, check out Haunted Overload in Lee for a frightening showcase of thrills in the forest for a unique way to leaf peep!