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New Entertainment Venues Bring Variety, Competition to Live Arts Scene

The Nashua Center for the Arts in downtown Nashua opened to the public in April with a ribbon cutting and tours of the building for donors and special guests and a performance with many local performers on hand. Ruby Shabazz, left, and Fee the Evolutionist, both of Nashua, along with John Henry, of Northwood (not […]

“Dinner Time” to Premiere at Monadnock International Film Festival

You’re invited. Come on in. It’s a small dinner party, just the right size. It smells good in here. You can’t place the aroma, but you’re certain it’s Italian. The host hands you a glass of Prosecco. Everyone is chatting. You know a few people, others are strangers. Candles are lit. A fire is crackling. […]

Cubicle Concerts: Bad Lab

College bands shapeshift as swiftly as Gremlins devouring a midnight feast. It’s only natural. Social groups change, people develop new passions, lose interest in old ones, transfer schools, lose themselves, find themselves anew; nearly every aspect of a 19-year-old’s life exists in a constant state of flux. What’s amazing, then, is how quickly some college […]

Cubicle Concerts: Modern Fools

From left to right: bassist Ian Galipeau, guitarist Jon Braught, singer and guitarist Josh Blair, drummer Justin Gregory and keyboardist Nick Hayes. Photo by Ben Conant As they describe it, the formation of Modern Fools was “pretty piecemeal.” The Keene area five-piece cosmic country band came together over a series of years, slowly gravitating to […]