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Strawbery Banke Makes an Important Black History Discovery at Penhallow House

When last occupied, just before the museum was created in 1958, Penhallow House contained three apartments and the daily lives of an extended African-American family. Photo by Suzanne Laurent When last occupied just before the museum was created in 1958, Penhallow House contained three apartments. “Washington Street in Portsmouth was home to many African-American families […]

Shout Out: A Brotherhood of Song

Steve Valido smiles when he talks about the New Hampshire Gay Men’s Chorus’s most recent performance at Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox invited Valido and more than 25 other members to perform before a June game during Gay Pride Week. As one of the members who joined the chorus at its founding in 1998 […]

Portsmouth’s Assistant Mayor Joanna Kelley

Portsmouth Assistant Mayor Joanna Kelley wants New Hampshire to apply its “Live Free or Die” motto to all of its residents as the state embraces its newfound diversity. Take a step into Cup of Joe Coffee Bar on Market Street in downtown Portsmouth, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by exposed brick, trendy lighting and the […]

Essay: How One NH Immigrant’s Story Inspires Others Who Will Follow

There are people you see in the world who say something or do something which changes your life forever. When I saw Tina Philibotte, chief equity officer at Manchester School District, present the forthcoming speech, I was in a space dominated by white bodies. I felt as I usually do in New Hampshire: tense, clammy, […]

Spice up Your Summer Grill With a Dash of Diversity

Every culture has a unique style, distinct flavors and culinary magic to create exciting dishes when they take to their backyard barbecues. Just about everybody loves to break out the barbecue and get grilling once warm, sunny weather returns to New Hampshire. But the usual fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and steak can lose […]

David Vargas: James Beard Semi-Finalist for Outstanding Chef

“My mantra is basically ‘community to table.’ It’s not really farm to table anymore. It’s about the community and how I can bring it — use the platform of my restaurant, the tables of my restaurant, to basically get that word out there.” While David Vargas has gained plenty of notoriety for his Mexican-style cuisine […]

DEI Panel Enhances NH Summer Camp Experience

Camp Pemigewasset in Wentworth prides itself on its commitment to diversity by giving teens of diverse backgrounds theopportunity to enjoy New Hampshire together. Courtesy photos Long before DEI took hold in New Hampshire, summer camps and programs that introduced the White Mountains and the wonders of nature to children and teens from all walks of […]

Along the Way: Day Trips into Black History

Earlier this year, “The Embrace” sculpture was unveiled on Boston Common to celebrate the moment when Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, embraced after learning that Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize. Certainly, traveling to Boston to view this piece of art makes for a great DEI road […]

Meet Mark Newport: Portsmouth’s First Black Police Chief

“The only way you can make effective change is to get yourself involved in it. With the experiences I’ve had in life, I’ve been very fortunate, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing. There have been bumps and hurdles. But it’s all about how you handle them and how you deal with them.” The Portsmouth NH […]