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Catherine Brouillette has one of the largest Strawberry Shortcake collections in the world.

One of Catherine Brouillette’s earliest memories of Strawberry Shortcake — the doll, not the dessert — was finding herself stuck headfirst in the zippered end of her character-themed sleeping bag.

It was a berry, berry precarious situation that she doesn’t remember how she escaped. But Catherine does recall everyone commenting on how her childhood bedroom “smelled like fruit.”

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Strawberry Shortcake was a merchandising
juggernaut in the 1970s and 80s.

For those of you who didn’t experience girlhood in the 1970s and ’80s, Strawberry Shortcake was an American Greetings card cartoon turned into a scented-doll and merchandise line. Her friends and pets all had fruit or dessert-themed names.

As a child, Catherine had the rag dolls, plastic figurines, pajamas, records, lunchbox and drinking glasses. Then, like a scene out of Pixar’s “Toy Story,” the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls came along and Strawberry Shortcake found herself slumped across the yard sale table.

“Years later, I was kicking myself for selling those dolls,” she says. “I wish I had them back.”

Bit by the nostalgia bug in her college years, Catherine started buying back her childhood; today, she may have one of the largest Strawberry Shortcake collections in the world. In 2013, she acquired a 30-year collection that decorated a berry-themed bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania. You might think of it as the merger of two Strawberry Shortcake museums.

Every summer, Catherine hosts a small gathering of fellow Strawberry Shortcake collectors at her home to try to sell some excess toy inventory, but also to bond with kindred spirits over strawberry cupcakes.

“I’ve made a lot of friends in this hobby over the years,” she says. “Right now, we’re the only Strawberry Shortcake gathering going on anywhere.”

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This profile appeared as part of a larger article in the September 2023 issue of New Hampshire Magazine highlighting some of the fascinating collectors and passionate collectors in the state.

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