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Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week®:  Anticipation Growing

Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week®:  Anticipation Growing

June 12th-20th, 2021 – New Hampshire – home to America’s Original Riding Rally®

Take a stroll anywhere near Weirs Beach these days and you can sense the excitement building for this year’s Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week®. The “Bikers Welcome” signs are already up in the windows of many local shops and hotels, with restaurants putting the final touches on sprucing up their establishments for the anticipated crowds.  Any other year you would be more likely to hear the word “brace” when asking a local what they do to get ready, but this year, the vibe is a little bit different.

“In my 22 years working with Laconia Motorcycle Week, I’ve never seen anything like it,” explains Jennifer Anderson, Deputy Director. “We’re getting a huge number of people who skipped last year’s rally, either because they couldn’t get here during the rescheduled August dates, or just didn’t feel comfortable being around large numbers of people during the pandemic, and now, they are geared up and excited to finally be coming back. Couple that with the growing sense of excitement we’re all feeling about getting outside and feeling safe again, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a Motorcycle Week like we’ve never seen before.”

Much of the buzz around this year’s rally can be attributed to the fact that, until recently, no one really knew what the event would look like or if it would really happen at all given the ever-changing guidelines and restrictions hovering around COVID-19. Thanks to the vaccines,  and the tireless work by local and state officials, the 98th Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week® was officially declared a “go” in early May, with few if any restrictions for vendors, bars, and other businesses.

Many inns, hotels and campgrounds are filling up if not full already and visitors are encouraged to make their reservations NOW! If visitors are having a hard time getting a reservation, the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association recommends people consider altering travel days or expanding the lodging search elsewhere in New Hampshire and commuting into Weirs Beach.  In addition to and, The Lakes Region Tourism Association and Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce are great resources for all travel needs.

Adds Jenn, “The City of Laconia is excited to host another historic event as we continue the countdown to our 100th rally. We welcome all, no matter where you’re coming from, and urge everyone to be safe, respectful and, most importantly, have fun!”

Be sure to keep checking the events page on the official site of Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week® for more information about this year’s rally.

Laconia Motorcycle Week® gives great appreciation to all of our sponsors, especially our Presenting Sponsors: Progressive, AMSOIL and Team Motorcycle, as well as the State of New Hampshire for their large financial support of our rally each year.

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