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Who Wants to Curate a Cereal Box Museum?

Amherst’s Darren Garnick, with a small sampling of his three-decade-old cereal box collection. Darren would like to see a New Hampshire restaurant or diner host a Cereal Box Museum with his collection. The year 2023 has marked two major milestones in breakfast cereal history. First, it’s the 60th birthday of Cap’n Crunch, the cheery sea […]

Berry Berry Cute

Catherine Brouillette has one of the largest Strawberry Shortcake collections in the world. One of Catherine Brouillette’s earliest memories of Strawberry Shortcake — the doll, not the dessert — was finding herself stuck headfirst in the zippered end of her character-themed sleeping bag. It was a berry, berry precarious situation that she doesn’t remember how […]