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Earth Day logo - with waterfallsApril is a time for new life and awakening from winter’s dormancy. Rivers are overflowing their banks and perennial plants pop up through the dark soil. Mild weather and bright new blossoms inspire folks to commit to the beauty of the earth around them.

It’s an apt time to celebrate Earth Day and renew our investment in the health and well-being of our planet and home. Receding snow reveals places for sprucing up and gathering any stray litter. Garden beds become supple for planting pollinator friendly or native plants or locally grown vegetable patches. Each of these tasks is an opportunity. Our beautiful corner of New Hampshire needs and deserves our help to stay the lovely place we all revel in.

All around this stunning part of the Granite State, you’ll find meaningful ways to celebrate our incredible ecosystem. The Monadnock Region is replete with farms, outdoor recreation, and businesses making environmentally friendly initiatives part of their daily practice. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Getting Your Green On

First, build the excitement by taking part in the Monadnock 2022 Earth Day Virtual Film Festival April 20-22. Hosted by The Monadnock International Film Festival, Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition, and Monadnock Food Co-op, this two-day lineup of films and discussions about the planet will get you in the spirit.

Then on Earth Day itself, don’t miss your chance to be part of the fun and make a difference. Start by volunteering with the City of Keene’s Green Up Keene from 8-12pm on April, 23rd.

Be sure to bring the whole family to the Monadnock Food Coop’s 2022 Earth Festival at Railroad Square in Keene for a day of delicious food, performances, and activities from 12-4pm. It’s the perfect place to connect with the community and learn about local initiatives, ideas, and efforts.

If spring has you energized and you’re ready to run or bike for an earthy cause, you can register for Stonewall Farm’s Earth Day Run/Walk/Ride tour. Support local, regenerative farming and environmental education. Don’t forget to say hi to the heifers and pick up some locally made goodies at the farmstand.

Take a Hike

The Harris Center For Conservation Education is the perfect place to celebrate the health and diversity of our ecosystem any day and every day. With exemplary stewardship for the region’s natural resources, this super sanctuary offers stellar hiking, as well as programs for all ages with a long list of events throughout the year.

One particularly exciting event you can enjoy almost anywhere is “Amphibians on the Move.” April means amphibian migration time and community members love joining the Salamander Crossing Brigades to see them across roadways safely. The exact night is always a surprise, but watch for warm nighttime temps and rainy weather. Check out Harris Center’s Salamander Forecast.

Another top spot for lovin’ up your planet is Swanzey’s Tippin Rock Farm Trail. Listen to the whispers of the forest and witness the everlasting strength of Granite State glacial boulders on a less than 2-mile, round-trip hike ending with a magnificent view. Test your strength against that of a 40-ton boulder resting on a flat granite sheet of rock. You may even be able to tip it!

Another great hiking spot can be found at the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, where trails with views of Mount Monadnock weave throughout their beautiful 236 acres.

Savor All Things Local

Don’t leave the area without stopping by Tippin’ Rock Farm Stand for veggies, flowers, maple syrup and crafts. This regenerative farm focuses on developing biodiversity and habitat for our region’s wildlife. It’s one-stop shopping to support local businesses and your environment.

Jugs of maple syrup displayed on a shelf at Tippin' Rock Farmstand

Photo by Cheri Domina of Tippin’ Rock Farm

You can also swing into the oldest and largest certified Organic Farm in New Hampshire, Rosaly’s Garden. Nestled in Peterborough, NH, this small farm has a big impact. Experts in making organic farming second nature, the farm stand and gardens offer a wide variety in everything wonderful and healthful about sustainable farming.

rows of seedlings that have sprouted at Rosaly's Garden

Seedlings at Rosaly’s Garden planted in early spring

On the other side of Mount Monadnock stands the impressive Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole. Certified as Eco-Apples, Alsyon’s grows with the mission to promote small, family-farming and locally grown food. In this idyllic setting overlooking the Connecticut River valley, you can stroll through the orchards, visit the farmstand, or even get inspiration for a special event.

We could go on and on with all the fun ways to celebrate Earth Day this April. However, we believe our gorgeous region should be celebrated every day and the ways to do it here are endless. From the backyard to downtown Keene, we’ll never stop being grateful for this amazing place. So get inspired, get creative, and get your green on!

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