If you’ve been to OSG at any point this season, you may have heard the rumors of a new field in the works. We haven’t really kept it much of a secret, but we didn’t want to officially announce it until the first load of dirt has been delivered. Today, the first load of dirt has been delivered and we are making it official. A 10 man mounds field is coming to OSG Paintball for 2023!

Why a mounds field you ask? There has been growing interest in tournament paintball at OSG but many players don’t want to play speedball. It’s also a lot less intimidating to newer players than a hyperball field for our walk on rotations. A mounds field fits into our mission of keeping paintball fun for the experienced player while offering something that’s within reach for the first timer. This field will be built to as close to proper spec as possible, it will be seeded, and we will be playing on beautiful grass covered mounds next season.

What tournaments will we be running in 2023? We have some ideas…all a departure from the traditional formats of the past. We’ll have more info on this towards the end of the season/beginning of our off season.

What about parking? Yes…we are going to lose the parking lot closest to the staging area. The lot will be shrinking over the next few weeks as more loads of dirt are delivered and grading starts. Parking will be moving to the outside of Urban Town, Pirate Cove, and across the street. This will make the walk to the staging area quite a bit farther, but we believe the tradeoff is worth it. Updates on this will be posted as construction progresses.

There hasn’t really been anything tournament related at OSG for well over 10 years, and we are excited to bring it back the OSG way.

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